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Photography Portfolio

People, Spaces and Things

Teen headshots by
Beautiful People

Clients range from actors, musician, models and artists.  Most of the work shown here is studio work and sometimes utilizing natural light. 

Visit to see some beautiful people

Beautiful Spaces

From time to time, an interior designer or realtor will require an exceptional image to help market their services or help their clients get the best quality images for their property. 

Zen Den

Mid Century Chinese

WeHo Bungalow


The Partners Trust

Century 21

Keller Williams

Prudential Los Angeles

The Gallatin Group

Results Personal Training

Momentous Insurance

real estate photography by sonia keshishian
Adamas Jewelry by Sonia Keshishian Photography
Beautiful Things


Nothing more beautiful than beautiful jewelry, especially when photographed up close and personal.  This type of work requires precision focus and expert technical execution.  We also enjoy shooting your product for cataloging simply and clearly and within the requirements of your agency.




Adams Jewelry

Gergé Watches

Anastasa's Beverly Hills

Astonishing Legens Podcast

Eden's Wind



MEG Toys


And one more thing...
My Personal  Images

This is where photography meets fine art, abstract art, or simply beautiful images that can be seen as art.  


Garage + Grunge

Urban + Abstract

Beyond Headshots

INSPIRED BY EGGLESTON (a video gallery)

Orange Bougainvilla by Sonia Keshishian Photography
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